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Through the Scaling What Works initiative, GEO gathered and shared learning and resources to connect grantmakers to practices that grow impact and build stronger and more effective nonprofit organizations. We also supported collaboration and information sharing among the grantmakers that receive Social Innovation Fund awards, as well as between these organizations and the broader philanthropic community. We hope the resources found here introduce you to:
  • new or different ways of thinking about scale,
  • approaches to funding that support growing impact,
  • guidance on successfully participating as an intermediary or funding partner for Social Innovation Fund grants,
  • grantee-centric principles and practices that are relevant to your work, and
  • sources of more information if you want to dive deeper.
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The Scaling What Works initiative has come to a close

After February 2014, this website will not be regularly maintained. For more information about GEO, please visit, follow us on Twitter (@GEOfunders), or contact